The resources below were gathered or developed by your fellow Stated Clerks and are meant to make your job as Stated Clerk of your Presbytery or Synod easier. They can be used as is or as the basis for your own documents. If you have questions, are looking for resources in addition to those below, or have resources you would like to share yourself, please join our Google Group conversation!

Proposed Amendments Guides:

GA225 Amendment List – Goodwiller

GA225 Amendment List-divided by BoO sections graph – Shipley

Proposed Amendments from the 225th GA 2022

Rules of Discipline Presentation 2022 FINAL

2022-10 Oct – SC rpt – summary of GA actions for mid council


Online Meeting Resources:

Zoom Meeting Tips

Simplified Special Rules for Zoom Meetings


Association of Stated Clerks Guides:

Analysis of Amendments to the Constitution Proposed by the 223rd  General Assembly (2018)


Robert’s Rules:

Video on Parliamentary Procedure from East Tennessee Presbytery

Robert’s Rules for First Time Presbytery Commissioners from Tampa Bay Presbytery

Robert’s Rules for Presbytery Moderators


Leadership Development:

2018 Clerks of Session and Church Officer Training from Hudson River Presbytery

Handbook for Clerks of Session from Mid-Kentucky

Rules for Church Records for Clerks of Session from Presbytery of Charlotte

Western Reserve Presbytery Manual for Clerks of Session

Presbytery of Tampa Bay Clerk of Session Training Videos, Powerpoints and other resources

First Time Presbytery Commissioner Training Video


Church Treasurer’s Handbook


Session Minutes Review Checklists:


Tampa Bay


Useful Documents:

Dismissing or Dissolving a Congregation Checklist

Committee on Representation Guidelines


Sample Constitutionally Required Documents:

2015 New Covenant child-protection policy

Guidelines for Child and Youth Protection Policies

Sexual Misconduct Policy Guide

Sexual Misconduct Policy for a Church

Manual of Administrative Operations for Presbytery

Church Bylaws


Commissioned Pastor (or Commissioned Ruling Elder) Exams:

Commissioned Ruling Elder Training Program Information

Commissioned Ruling Elder Training Final Examination June 2014


HALLWAY QUIZ 1 with citations

Quiz 1, January, 2017

Quiz 2, February, 2017

Quiz 3, March, 2017