Stated Clerk 101

If you’re new to the work of a Stated Clerk, or considering a call to Clerking, you’re in the right place.

While the specific responsibilities of a Stated Clerk vary greatly from council to council, the core responsibility of the call is the creation, maintenance and preservation of official records such as minutes, rolls and registers.  As Stated Clerk, you’re responsible for furnishing official records upon request, managing the judicial process, reporting certain actions to your council as well as orientation and training for Clerks of Session and various commissioners.  Check out this list of Stated Clerk responsibilities for some more general info.

By far the best resource for learning the job of Stated Clerk is the annual new clerk training event hosted by the Office of the General Assembly (OGA).  Contact the Rev. Tricia Dykers Koenig, Associate Director for Mid Council Relations, Mid Council Ministries, Office of the General Assembly at for more info.  You should be aware that you can immediately access most of this training on the PC(USA) Stated Clerk Portal (click on “Programs” then “Moodle”), but you’ll need a login to do so.  Contact Kris Valerius ( for more info.  It’s recommended that you check out these videos more than once as you acclimate to the role, as many clerks find them most useful after a couple of months on the job.  Also, the videos are not a replacement for the conference; you’ll meet a lot of fellow clerks as well as OGA support staff whom you’ll need to know in the future.

This website can be useful to you in several ways as well.  First, this is a great way to connect with your fellow clerks using the Google Group.  You can ask questions and search prior discussions for solutions to your problems.  You need not be a Stated Clerk to join, but you will need to be verified first.  Request access here.

Second, we’re also a repository of resources created by Stated Clerks for Stated Clerks, Clerks of Session, and Commissioners.  This means that you don’t have to recreate the wheel in your position, but can lean on and learn from those who have gone before.  Check out the Clerk Resources page for more info.

Finally, if you’re a Stated Clerk, we hope that you’ll join us as a member officially and in person at our annual meeting.