About The ASC


The Association of Stated Clerks is an organization of Stated Clerks of the Presbyterian Church (USA), and Affiliate members who share common goals and interests relating to the work of the office of Stated Clerk. Affiliate Members are:

  1. Persons not currently in active service as stated clerks, but who formerly served at least five years as a stated clerk and who have paid current dues; or
  2. Persons not currently in active service as stated clerks but who support the purposes of the organization,
  3. Persons who serve as instructors in polity, or
  4. Persons who wish to embark upon training preparatory to election as a stated clerk

This organization represents all Synods and Presbyteries within the United States and Puerto Rico, and is divided into seven regions throughout the denomination.


At the annual meeting of the Association of Stated Clerks, Officer and regional representatives are elected. The terms of office are designated by the Bylaws of the Association. Officers are: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Executive Committee consists of the currently elected officers, the chairperson of the nominating committee and the regional representatives. The Association maintains this website to serve as a resource for all interested persons.


President: Warren McNeill, Presbytery of New York City; Acting Stated Clerk Presbytery of NE New Jersey
sc@presbynyc.org; warren@pnenj.org

Vice-President: Rebecca Blair, Presbytery of Southeastern Illinois

Treasurer: Paul Belz-Templeman, Presbytery of the Cascades

Secretary: Candice Sweet, Presbytery of Utah

Past-President: Tamara Williams, Presbytery of Charlotte

Regional Representatives:

All Regional Representatives are elected at the Annual Meeting of the Association by ballot of the voting members of each region. Each representative serves for two years or until their successors are elected. Representatives representing the odd-numbered regions shall be elected in the odd-numbered years, and those representing even-numbered regions shall be elected in even-numbered years. Regions are designated by the following Synod boundaries:

Region #1: Kathy Runyeon, Northwest (Alaska Northwest, Pacific and Rocky Mountains)

Region #2: Frances Lin, San Diego Presbytery (Southwest Region (Southern California and Hawaii, and Southwest)

Region #3: Pamela Prouty, Northcentral Region (Covenant, Lakes and Prairies, and Lincoln Trails)

Region #4: Kay Long, Tres Rios Presbytery (Southcentral Region (Sun, and Mid-America)

Region #5: Larry Beasley, Northeast Region (Boriquen en Puerto Rico, and Northeast)

Region #6: Carla Campbell, Eastcentral Region (Mid-Atlantic, and Trinity)

Region #7: Charlie Evans, Southeast Region (Living Waters, and South Atlantic)

Nominating Committee:

Tamara Williams, Chair; Presbytery of Charlotte

Olivia Hudson Smith, Denver Presbytery

David Vaughn, Salem Presbytery


The Association has developed the Manual on Judicial Process, produces an analysis of proposed amendments to the Book of Order, and has available a Skills Bank where names and contact information of Stated Clerks who have expertise and experience in a wide range of subjects are available. The Association conducts an annual gathering/conference of Stated Clerks and participates in planning the annual Fall Polity Conference conducted by the Office of the General Assembly. Every bit as important, membership in the Association provides outstanding opportunities for networking and fellowship.

Theological Emphasis:

It is not customary for stated clerks to identify with or espouse any particular theological viewpoint. It is customary, however for stated clerks to uphold the tenets of the Book of Order and offering training and direction relating to the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

This is also where you can find the official Association of Stated Clerks documents, such as meeting minutes.

Official ASC Documents:

2019 AMCL ASC Annual Meeting

2018 AMCL ASC Annual Meeting

2017 Revised ASC Bylaws

2017 ASC Annual Meeting minutes

2015 ASC Annual Meeting minutes

2014 ASC Annual Meeting minutes

2016 Analysis of Amendments to the Constitution GA 2016